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An Artsy Update

What a thrill it was to have friends I hadn't seen in 50 years come from Illinois and Atlanta, to Starry Night, just to see my sculpture exhibiting there. We had been in art classes together back in the day, but this time, had a good dinner the night before, and the day of the exhibit had fun touring Nashville by day and eating yummy Phat Bites that evening while listening to some good music and seeing all types of art displayed throughout Centennial Art Center's fundraiser with TN Craft. A good time was had by all.

It seems that time has flown since the last blog that I wrote, and since that time, I've enjoyed a bas relief class by Nan Jacobson, who has moved back to Nashville! If you don't know Nan's work, look her up. She's a wonderful sculpting teacher who specializes in doing stylized horses, amazing masks, bas relief work, tiles, and garden totem poles. Here she is teaching at The Clay Lady Campus in Nashville and below that is the bas relief tile I made in Nan's class for a friend who LOVES her Scottish Terrier.

And just to prove that time is moving on from the summer exhibit, here is what we woke-up to after driving in the dark to a cabin in Vermont for a little getaway.

Happy Fall, Y'all!!!

And last but not least, here's a little shot from Firefly, where I was tending the Clay Lady Campus Booth, while the co-owner, Danielle, McDanielle, was having some dinner with her family. Firefly is an annual event where artisans display and demonstrate their work at the end of each October. Hope you can make it next year.

So until next quarter or whenever the mood strikes me, I hope you have a good upcoming holiday season.


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