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The Joys and Exhaustion of Adult Summer Camp

This photo is from the last day of "Adult Summer Camp", where I sculpted my first attempt at expression, Pandemic Sadness. It was a weeklong workshop by Sarah Davey, at the Appalachian Center for Craft, on sculpting portraits using both a typical method of sculpting and learning a method of sculpting with slabs. This figure was sculpted in the typical manner that had to be hollowed before it was fired. Although it was sad to leave, I didn't realize how tired I was until I got home.

Many thanks to TN Craft, who kindly gave me a scholarship to attend. I'm ever so grateful, It truly was an experience that I will always remember and was so nice to be around artists of many disciplines for an entire week. Just being around all of the perennials on campus was refreshing!

Here are some photo excerpts from the ACC week of lectures and displays on fabric design, glass making, and sculpture, as well as photos from the ACC in general. Hope you'll vicariously enjoy summer camp as much as I did in person.

Sarah Davey instructing on creating sculptures from slabs that don't have to be hollowed out. Thanks for a great week, Sarah!

A photo from Sarah Davey's lecture during the week. The workshop she gave was called "The Strange and Unusual."

Photo from Alex Foster's fiber lecture. She did a workshop, "Exploring Natural Color and Cloth."

Photo from Richard Parrish's lecture at the Appalachian Center for Crafts. He is a former architect who has transitioned into becoming a glass blower and taught a workshop, "More than the Sum of the Parts."

As I continue to refuel, I'm also preparing for an Art Crawl on July 2, in Franklin, TN and for another summer workshop doing figurative sculptures with a life model, hosted and taught by Brian Booth Craig in the Poconos, but more on all of that in another blog. Every blog needs a cliff hanger, right?!!

Hope you're continuing to have a good summer!

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