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The Sweet Sorrow of Selling

She'd been sitting around the studio for years and wasn't exactly the best piece I've ever done, but all it took was the right holiday celebration at Pumpkinfest, in Franklin, for a buyer to fall in love with the sculpture of the witch. I have to say that letting her go made me a bit sad. One of the difficult things about being an artist is that it feels like a little part of yourself goes away with each piece you sell but it helps to see the joy on someone's face when they make the decision to purchase your art.

The good news is that I know the witch went to a good home. The buyer went on and on about how much he decorated his lawn for Halloween, and I knew that he meant it when he said that either the witch or the skeleton would be going home with him. I hadn't planned on selling the witch because the rim of her hat had been broken and repaired, but the buyer didn't care. He wanted her, warts and all, and was drawn to her like a fly onto honey. She made him happy and it made me happy to see his joy. I sold her to him at a reduced price because she had been broken and repaired, and the buyer thought I wasn't asking enough.

Sculpture as Objects of Desire

Happenstance often places a person and an object unexpectedly in the same space and suddenly the person is struggling with an instantaneous urge to buy the object of his or her desire. It's fascinating to see the magnetic draw that often happens. The piece may have a special meaning to a customer that they may or may not be aware of. Not only did that happen with the witch at Pumpkinfest, but without any hesitation, a woman went directly to a cardinal jewelry dish at my booth and emphatically said, "I want that!" The piece also had imperfections which I pointed out, but it didn't matter to the woman. She wanted it. Period.

I'm slowly learning to let go of sculptures, and while there is still some sadness in selling, it really does help to know that the pieces may bring others joy. None of us can get enough of that in our lives!

Hope you enjoy a few more photos from Pumpkinfest and that you've had a good Fall!

Thanks to the hubs for helping me set-up, take-down, and take a break!

Thanks to these guys for allowing me to post their photos and for bringing even more fun to Pumpkinfest!

Great costumes and a fun day!

To everything there is a season.

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