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Catching up is hard to do...

I really didn't mean to go so long without more frequent updates to my blog, but time has had a way of getting away from me. It seems that each month of this year has brought a new type of artistic growth, some of which I've slogged through, and some of which has been a pleasant and unexpected surge. For starters, here is the freshest addition to my portfolio. It's a portrait sculpture of one of my neighbor's daughter who volunteered to pose for an upcoming project. You'll be seeing more of her in different poses throughout the coming months as the purpose of her poses will slowly be revealed.

The quickest way that I know to update you on my sculpting life is to fill you in, month by month, so I'll start this blog by filling you in on January and February.

January: It was the month of the Rick Casali workshop that I wrote about in my last blog. When I came home, I was busy trying to finish the piece I started there which included a phase of seeing what the piece would look like dressed as a Scottsman. It was fun seeing what I could find to try to emulate clothing, so paper towels, duct tape, skewers, a jar lid, and paint brush all came to the rescue.

As you may know though, ultimately, I gave him a Speedo and called it a day. Hence, his name, Barefoot at the Beach. He's now cast in resin with a finished hand.

A quick Saturday night exhibit at 100 Taylor where I met my new friend, Martha Morales-Purucker, a kind and talented stained glass artist and teacher, who's got a lot on the ball! She's just opened her own shop there, where she also teaches. Go, Martha!

February: We wisked away to France and said hi to Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo. Did you to that the Venus de Milo was found in the garbage? That's the story straight from the Louvre's tour guide. Kinda makes ya not want to throw away that piece you never liked, huh?!! The coolest part of our trip was hanging out at a mid-evil village outside of Nice, St. Paul-de-Vence, where there were galleries galore and a great place to stay, cook, and make memories.

I was so thrilled to see the sculpture of one of my sculpting teachers, Brian Booth Craig, at the Musee Mailol in Paris! There's an article on Brian's class that I took in an earlier blog. Be sure to catch one of his workshops if you can. He also teaches workshops in Rome if you can't make it to his studio in PA.

I had to include the Realism exhibit that was at Musee Mailol. What an incredibly lifelike series!

Just one of the many galleries at St. Paul de Vence. Wowzer!

A view from the St. Paul de Vence mid-evil village.

The Village walkways. It reminded me of being in Disney World except it's real.

After the trip, I had the pleasure of attending Jammie Williams' 1 day Figurative Workshop. The model was awesome and sat for the perfect Zen meditation. Unfortunately, the piece broke in the kiln. I keep saying I'll get some sculptural epoxy and repair it, but it hasn't happened yet.

Aside from the above, February included on-line art business lessons and market applications. I got accepted to the Jewish Community Center's Art on the West Side and applied to the TN Craft Fair. It's been a few months of one fee after another, for sure.

I'm going to end things here for this evening and promise to update you on March and April in the upcoming blog.

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